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In a call for ‘Sustainable Development’ for a Circular Economy

Sustainability is not just environmentalism. We aspire to find concerns by making use of sustainable materials for social equity and economic development. In other words, it goes beyond the ingredients in a product.

Sourcing sustainable materials without compromising on quality is a key for us at Toneita and “recycled polyester staple fibre” is one of the most effective ways to repurpose foregoing plastic products. Our objective is to recycle previously-existing materials into a new lease of life, reducing the impact on our world’s resources.

With integrity and creativity, we are committed to reduce our environmental impact by minimizing the utilization of resources.  We do this by using “recycled polyester staple fibre” a sustainable material that is processed from pet bottles, saving them from going to landfills & ocean.

At Toneita, we are continually evaluating the market for new enrichment, exclusively for eco-conscious customers, with the intention of breaking free from the linear economy (take, make, dispose) and moving towards a circular economy.

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